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IStories has started the sixth fundraising campaign on Help Each Other platform! IStories is a media outlet founded by Russia’s top investigative journalists. The media rejects censorship and news which does not make sense.

IStories stands for “Important Stories”. For the team of the media, important stories are those which answer three fundamental questions that are asked before beginning to tackle a new topic:

  • Is it important that people know about this story?

If the answer to each of these questions is yes, then IStories dive into the topic. And even though the team believes that journalism is, first and foremost, about calling the government into question, this does not mean that only stories about corruption or state repression are considered to be “important”.

IStories started with materials about corruption with state purchases of tests, masks and ventilators during the initial period of COVID-pandemic and today are a vibrant media telling lots of important stories. They published investigations about the beneficiaries of new garbage management reform, about Vladimir Putin’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova and her former husband Kirill Shamalov, about the oil spill ecological disaster. The team of IStories participated in an investigation of Pandora Papers.

After the publications about the family of Vladimir Putin, some unknown hackers tried to break into the journalists’ accounts in social media.On August 20, 2021 Russian Ministry of Justice has added the IStories and five individual journalists working with the media to the list of foreign agents.

IStories believe that the best media outlets should be funded by their readers. This is the only way that the media can remain genuinely independent and fulfil its main function: to reveal the truth about what is happening in the country. IStories is registered as a non-profit organisation. The media does not have an owner, so there is nobody to dictate terms to the journalists and editors. IStories do not earn money from advertising contracts, so the media does not depend on advertising. IStories run on donations.

The donations will go towards editorial expenses: journalists’ salaries; compensation for freelancers, illustrators, and designers; the production of documentaries and workshops. IStories also hope to turn their online courses into an annual investigative journalism summer school. Help each other and support journalists telling the truth!

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