Multichain future is coming with Help Each Other

The multichain future is coming! We united fundraising campaigns on different chains in one app. You don’t need to check the version of the app anymore to make sure you are on your favorite blockchain. Simply open the Help Each Other’s app, choose the fundraising campaign you want to support and click on the Donate button. The app will prompt you to select the blockchain through which you would like to donate!

Another small, but useful improvement that we added is that if you are using MetaMask, you don’t need to manually add or switch blockchains — the app will do that for you. The list of supported networks depends on the fundraiser. Currently Help Each Other’s app supports Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Near (via Aurora) and Celo. And we plan to continue expanding to other blockchains. If you think we should deploy on any other blockchain — send us a note.

Help Each Other, start fundraising campaigns and donate to important causes!

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