Let’s Take the Internet Back

It is time to take the internet back! This network was created as a global decentralized network that has no governing bodies making decisions. But soon enough the control was seized by big corporations.

Join Open Web

The Web 2.0 was supposed to change that. If the content of the platforms is created by the users shouldn’t they have more influence? But in reality the users have little or no power. Even though the users create 100% of Facebook’s content, its owners may or may not listen to the users’ discontent with the new design.

At the same time, governments of many countries are trying to put the internet under their own control. Their task is much easier as they have to deal with a limited number of companies, whose owners are often ready to comply in fear of loosing their business. An unlimited number of users is much harder to be put under control.

Help Each Other platform joins voices calling for Web 3.0. The main idea of Web 3.0 is governing of the platform by its users. This demand for decentralization is shared by billions of regular users and by such prominent figures as the inventor of URL, HTTP and HTML Tim Berners Lee and the founder of Internet Archive Brewster Kahle.

Join Web 3.0

One of the main technologies used for this trend toward Web 3.0 is the blockchain. Decentralized Finance or DeFi became one of the most promising ways to use blockchain. Today DeFi mainly consists of three leading services:

  • decentralized exchanges
  • decentralized lending and borrowing
  • decentralized oracles

But there are strong reasons to believe that in the nearest future the idea of DeFi will come in many other related areas.

As the idea of Open Web emerged it enabled users to cast votes about development of platforms and services with the help of tokens. It also enabled software developers to use the Web 3.0 tools in their own projects with no need for special agreements.

Help Each Other: Progressive Decentralization

The task of Help Each Other project is to bring the ideas of Web 3.0 and Open Web to crowdfunding. To create a fundraising service which is governed by the users, by those who donate and raise funds. And the users will govern both the rules of platform and its economy.

The users of Help Each Other will take decisions about what to do with the funds of the platform and what people to hire to maintain it. Keep in touch as we’ll describe the tokenomics of the project soon.

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Help Each Other is the first DeFi crowdfunding platform that removes geographical and political limitations from fundraising