How we plan to walk the path of progressive decentralization

We’re keen to walk this path of progressive decentralization with you

Starting Point of progressive decentralization

Help Each Other is founded as a DAO. Some might say that’s already enough as DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization. However DAO is a pretty complex idea. It combines technical and social aspects and requires meaningful steps to be taken to become a decentralized autonomous organization not only by name.

First stage of progressive decentralization

HEO DAO starts with a minimum viable product: the platform for convenient crowdfunding in stablecoins for manually whitelisted NGOs. At this stage the governing of HEO DAO is at hands of the team and the users are participating using the platform’s functionality as it is with traditional crowdfunding platforms. The goal of this stage is to build a community of active users who are interested in the platform’s development.

Fundraising in crypto: 1) No borders 2) Independence 3) Donors are rewarded 4) Progressive decentralization 5) Immediate access to funds

Second stage of progressive decentralization

The active participation shall be rewarded with the influence on the development of the platform. That’s why as soon as the community is big enough the project is tokenized. The first sales of tokens and the airdrops to those who actively participated at the starting stage of the platform’s life happen.

Help Each Other: Join Web 3.0

Final stage of progressive decentralization

As more and more users get involved and receive voting rights we approach the third and final stage of progressive decentralization. At some point the number of active users who received voting rights and are interested in the platform’s development becomes big enough for the platform to be sustainable even with the founding fathers losing their power. The members of the team, the investors and the advisors may keep their voting rights, but the rising number of users who also have such rights make the team’s influence more and more diminishing. And as soon as that number hits big enough value, the users start to have more influence on the decisions making than the founding fathers.


The path of progressive decentralization is complicated. The users need a reason to use a yet quite centralized platform at the first stage. In our case this reason is a possibility of convenient crowdfunding in crypto with no geographical and political limitations. The second stage requires users’ participation. In our case the decision is the possibility to make propositions and to cast votes. At the third stage the team shall be ready to lose the influence. As the decentralization provides sustainability, we’re keen to walk this path with you.



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