The third fundraising campaign on Help Each Other platform is live.! Russia Behind Bars is a non-governmental organization which provides legal and humanitarian assistance to people facing the Russian penitentiary system. The organization fights against violation of human rights by the employees of the law enforcement and courts.

Russia Behind Bars was founded on November, 21, 2008 by a Russian journalist and publicist. After the European Union granted funds to Russia Behind Bars to organize so-called “legal hospitals” in Russian regions which help those who are under investigation or were illegally convicted, the Ministry…

We’re excited to present you . Support the freedom of information by donating to RosKomSvoboda, the first Russian public organization operating in the field of digital rights protection and digital empowerment.

RosKomSvoboda develops and promotes the ideas of privacy, anonymity and secrecy of citizens, freedom of information and prohibition of censorship, self-regulation of the IT industry and digital entrepreneurship, openness of the state and public control over the digital activities of government agencies.

Roskomsvoboda was established on November 1, 2012, the day the Unified Register of Prohibited Sites (“Black List of Sites”)…

Help Each Other is thrilled to present to you the new member of our advisory board: . Jaraslau has big experience both in IT and in crowdfunding and will provide Help Each Other project with his mentorship.

Jaraslau Likhachevski is the chief executive officer of a medtech company . Deepdee together with the Rotterdam Eye Hospital works on automation of eye conditions detection based on retinal images and provides hardware-independent AI for reliable medical diagnosis of eye diseases.

In August, 2020, after Alexander Lukashenko remained in power despite the widely accepted claims he lost elections to , mass…

As we aim for the mass adoption we published . If you’re new to crypto, check our introduction to crypto explaining the main concepts you encounter when making donations and creating fundraising campaigns on Help Each Other.

List of contents


Blockchain is a growing list or a chain of records organized into blocks. Each consequent block contains a timestamp and information about the previous block (cryptographic…

We’re delighted to announce platform. Support the investigative journalism by donating to , one of the main Russian investigative media outlets. The Insider aims to raise 20,000 BUSD which pays for a year of investigative work by one journalist.

specializes in investigative journalism, fact-checking and political analytics. In May 2019, The Insider and Bellingcat the European Press Prize for establishing the identity of the two men responsible for the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal.

In October 2020, following the poisoning of Alexei Navalny with the chemical weapon…

We’re happy to announce . That is the minimum viable product with which we start our path to buidl the decentralized stablecoin based crowdfunding platform.

Because one of our founders is an independent Russian journalist working with various NGOs on helping to preserve democracy in Russia, Russian and Belarussian NGOs and media outlets will start the fundraising campaigns at Help Each Other soon. As we described in , at the first stage fundraising campaigns are manually whitelisted. …

In the last few years DeFi became one of the most promising parts of the cryptouniverse. The initial idea of bitcoin was to democratize the financial sphere by allowing money printing with no centralized entities such as central banks. DeFi is a natural next step. It allows not only printing money with no central banks but also lending, borrowing and all other traditional financial operations without centralized middlemen.

That’s a big achievement. Muhammad Yunus even got the Nobel Peace Prize for developing system of providing banking services to the rural poor of Bangladesh. Money is needed for every project. …

In we described our vision of Help Each Other as a decentralized crypto crowdfunding platform. While it’s pretty easy to admit the benefits of decentralization, it is not that easy to achieve. Thankfully, the main stops on the path of progressive decentralization have already been and today we’re going to explain how the effective decentralized governing of Help Each Other will be implemented.

We’re keen to walk this path of progressive decentralization with you

Starting Point of progressive decentralization

Help Each Other is founded as a DAO. Some might say that’s already enough as DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization. However DAO is a pretty complex idea. …

Читайте наш блог на русском языке

As a platform for crowdfunding in crypto Help Each Other is a project with no borders. We hope to get rid of geographical and political limitations of traditional fundraising. But these are not the only barriers that international crowdfunding in crypto faces. Different languages spoken in different countries are quite an obstacle to build an international community of users. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we started our and our . If you speak Russian please subscribe.

It is time to take the internet back! This network was created as a global decentralized network that has no governing bodies making decisions. But soon enough the control was seized by big corporations.

Join Open Web

The Web 2.0 was supposed to change that. If the content of the platforms is created by the users shouldn’t they have more influence? But in reality the users have little or no power. Even though the users create 100% of Facebook’s content, its owners may or may not listen to the users’ discontent with the new design.

At the same time, governments of many countries…

HEO Finance

Help Each Other is the first DeFi crowdfunding platform that removes geographical and political limitations from fundraising

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